Industrial health


In the furniture industry, carpenter factory workers are constantly working in dusty environments. Sawed wood creates wood dust that can cause health problems. Those health problems are: 

1.     Eye diseases

2.     The upper and lower respiratory tract diseases

3.     Skin diseases

4.     Cancers

Work environments

Work environments can be improved by blocking unnecessary dust from escaping to the air. This is achieved by having more powerful ventilation and minimizing dust exposure.



Personal protective equipment
Protective equipment must be chosen based on the work environment. Safety goggles, safety gloves, safety clothing and respiratory protection are recommended when working in an environment that have wood dust. The protective equipment is the same regardless of the type of wood you work with. However there is some equipment that is used when working with wood that is harmful for your eyes, skin or breathing
Goggles and respiratory protection protect your face from pieces of wood that fly from machines while working with wood. Wood types that are harmful for your eyes are tropical woods such as teak and mahogany.  
Safety gloves protect the skin from woods that have a strong irritation to the skin. These types of wood are pine and fir, also tropical woods like teak, mahogany and abachi

Respiratory protection is commonly disposable respirators. The wood types that are harmful to breath are pine, oak, beech and fir, also tropical woods like teak, mahogany and abachi.

Safety clothing is used for protecting your arms and skin from flying pieces of wood and different dust particles.