The center of operations for Pro Puu is located in the Vesijärvi harbor in Lahti. The coastal area of Vesijärvi is a district with a history of carpentry and thus is a natural operating environment for Pro Puu.

There are two different galleries in the Pro Puu -center. Downstairs there is the beautiful and versatile Pro Puu -gallery that has diverse wood related exhibitions all year round. 

The Pro Puu association rents the gallery to wood related exhibitions for one month periods at a time. We also host small concerts, seminars and private events in the gallery.

In the Ullakko -gallery there is the Liitosten Arkki -exhibition that has grown since 2004 to a comprehensive collection of different joinery techniques. On display there are Japanese joinery techniques, traditional carpenter’s joints, construction joints and nordic log house joints. There is also a bridge made entirely with wood construction techniques.

The exhibition is open in the summer 1.5-30.10. In the winter it’s open only with reservation for groups.

Entrance fee: Adults 5€, students 3€ and groups 3€ for each participant.


In addition to this, the Pro Puu -shop has a wide variety of the best products of finnish carpentry and design.