Lap Joint

Lap joint is used in particular in various frame structures. The frame is made of narrow or wider pieces that are attached at one end as a closed ring. In frame structures, such as mirror doors, the center plate is not glued to the frame structure, but is allowed to move freely in the grooves of the frame. In the lap joint, a piece is removed from the edges of the two pieces to the center line, and then they are glued on top of each other. A lap joint can be used to assemble solid wood and plate products.

Angle lap joint is ideal for, for example, the making of frames. However, the joint should be reinforced, for example, with pivot pins.


A well-dimensioned groove lap joint is a very durable and rigid solution for lattice structures and allows the structure to remain hidden. Often used without gluing due to the disassembly of the joint.


A good feature of the oblique lap joint is the steep angles that improve its durability.


Lap dovetail is the most durable lap point. It is used to assemble framework and frame structures.


The corner lap joint requires reinforcement with either pivot pins or screws.