Broad-leaved woods

The protected broad-leaved woods are coherent areas that have formed naturally, and that have at least 20 trunk-like broad-leaved trees per a hectare. Typically the broad-leaved woods are located on fresh groves. The wild broad-leaved woods are species-rich and often have rare flora and fauna.

In broad-leaved woods one may…

  • fell spruce that overshadow the fauna of the grove with the permission of the regional environmental administration. The felling must be done without any machines and the broad-leaved trees may not be felled.
  • Everyone is allowed to walk in the area and pick forest berries as well as unprotected mushroom and flowers.

In broad-leaved woods one may not…

  • make ditches, because it will have a strong effect on the water economy of the area.
  • It is not allowed to fell even the decayed trunks of broad-leaved woods.
  • Building anything is not allowed in the protected natural habitat!