Condensation drying

Condensation drying is similar to hot air drying. However the steam isn’t removed with ventilation. It’s compressed into water. The heat energy generated when the water inside the wood turns into steam, can be stored once the steam is compressed back to water. This happens when the steam is in contact with the colder surfaces inside the chamber. This heat energy is transferred from the condenser back to the drying chamber. This makes it a very energy efficient drying method.

The drying quality is good due to the low temperatures and long drying times. Slow drying and low temperatures are suitable for drying high quality wood. Especially when keeping the light colors of the wood is important.

Smaller businesses use this method since it’s much cheaper than other drying methods.


  • Portable machinery
  • Low energy
  • Minor drying defects
  • No color shifting
  • Small investment fees
  • Long drying times
  • Can cause molding