The quality of logs

General quality recommendations

  • The logs should be fresh and they should not be rafted or stored in water
  • There is no upper limit on the diameter of the treetop
  • Sudden bends and multiple distortions are not allowed unless the specific species requires it
  • Quality logs don’t have cracks
  • They shouldn’t have holes made by rot or maggots
  • There should be no foreign matter in the lumber. This foreing matter could be soot, sand or iron.
  • There should be no large root folds or large felling holes.



The wood going for woodcrafts should have no twists

Holes in the bark might have hard wood or rot 

Log that’s 

Tears can be prevented with a proper logging techniques

You can minimize the impact of a surface crack with proper milling

Bends and distortions are common in deciduous trees

Large branches should not be left in the log

Medium sized branches will have an effect on the quality of the wood for at least 30cm below the branch itself .