The wood production capacity of the habitat
Habitat productivity in Finland is classified based on the ground vegetation. The more demanding the ground vegetation is, the lusher the ground will be. 

Main forest types in Finland are:

  • grove
  • oxalis-blueberry type
  • blueberry type
  • lingenberry type
  • calluna type (heather)
  • lichen type

The grounds growth potential is determined by the ground moisture and also the water management. Fine dense ground binds plenty of backwater and oxygen-free water. Thisisn’tgoodsoilfor treesto growin. Coarse-grained ground doesn’t bind as much water but water with oxygen passes through it easier. The more water there is in the soil the better it becomes for trees to produce. This is why sloped lands are good places for plants and trees to grow. Flat grounds can be good too if the water table inside the soil rises high enough to be in contact with the roots of the trees and plants.