Wood stain

Water and alcohol based wood stains

Staining is coloring wood so that the woods patterns still show. There are no adhesives in stain which means that stains don’t provide any protection on to the wood, they just color it by staining the wood. The color range with stains is very big and they work differently with different wood types. This gives the stain a big variety of coloring possibilities. After the stain has dried for a day, the wood is covered with a protective layer such as oil, wax or varnish. Alcohol based wood stain is recommended when restoring old furniture; it sticks better on to a rougher surface than a water based stain does. Stains don’t stick on glue or grease.

  • Tools: brush, rag, piece of foam or spray
  • Usage: Furniture and also other indoor wooden surfaces like panels 

Other wood coloring materials

Other coloring materials are chemical coloring, natron lye, ammonia vapor or bleach. Those are used in special and problematic situations. For example, chloride can be used for getting rid of old stains on a varnished coat on furnitures. The above-mentioned can be found at a pharmacy. It is recommended to test them on a wooden surface before using.