Black alder swamps

Black alder swamps are moist and many times flooded. They locate on sides of streams, rivers, lakes and swamps and on seashores. Black alder swamps have become less because of ditching and felling. Because the black alder swamps are moist, there only few other wood species. There is a quite multiform population in moist black alder swamps. The natural habitats included in the Nature Conservation Act are the types that are moist during the whole growing period.

In black alder swamps one may…

  • cut trees for household use with the exceptional permit. The felling must be done with light selection. It is essential to preserve the shady swamp and the big old trees.
  • In summer, one should rather walk along the footbridge in the protected black alder swamps.

In black alder swamps one may not…

  • make ditches or otherwise change the water economy because it is important to preserve the fountains and brooklets of the area.
  • It is not allowed to build anything in a protected natural habitat.