Juniper meadows

There are large junipers growing in the juniper meadows and beside them low meadow or rock vegetation. There are juniper meadows in all over Finland, but they are rather small, only under one hectare. In the latest decays, many juniper meadows have been turned into fields or forests. Many of the meadows have become forested after the end of grazing. There are only a few hundred hectares of uncultivated juniper meadows left in Finland. Many species that  have declined lately, thrive in juniper meadows.

In juniper meadows one may…

  • graze animals or mow in order to preserve the characteristics of the juniper meadow, thin out tight juniper woods and walk around freely.

In juniper meadows one may not…

  • fertilize or cultivate the soil, sow or plant seedlings.
  • Grazing animals may not be given additional food in the juniper meadows, nor may the animals graze in grassland every now and then to avoid the juniper meadow of becoming eutrophic.
  • It is not allowed to build anything in a protected natural habitat.