Other paints

Falu red

  • Available ready in stores but self cooked is a good option
  • Traditional paint type used in Finland since the 1600’s.
  • An ecological, natural and traditional method
  • Dries in 4h but can take up to 24h to dry
  • Adhesive: linseed oil, wheat flour and rye
  • Solvent: Water
  • Tools: Wide brush

Usage: Used on the walls of homes and outdoor barns that have rough sawn surfaces, log structures, worn wood surfaces and also rustic furniture. 

Recipe for a DIY painter

 2,5kg cold-pressed linseed oil
12kg red ocher
4,5kg fine rye flour
3kg Iron sulfate
50l Water

Heat the water in a big pot, add the iron sulfate and the rye flour. Mix well. Let it boil for an hour. Add the red ocher. Boil for 3 hours. Stir while boiling. Lastly add the linseed oil. Pour mixture into pots of the chosen size. Let cool before painting. Best suitable weather for painting would be a partly cloudy day. The paint can be stored for 2 weeks but its best to use it all at once. The spreading rate on a new unpainted wood is roughly 4-8m² per liter and on older already painted surface its roughly 8-10m² per liter


Casein paint

  • Casein paint can be found ready made at the store.
  • Emulsion paint made from casein or eggs. Other ingredients include linseed oil, soybean oil , poppyseed oil and plant resins. Available in white, can be toned with pigments.
  • Touch dry in ½ – 2h (depending on the working environment). Final drying can take up to 2 weeks. The paint surface is semi-matt. Can be washed with a cloth. Is suitable for people with allergies and/or asthma since it has no chemicals.
  • Usage: wood- plastered- and evened surfaces, fiber boards or wallpapers etc.
  • Casein tempera is used by brushing thin layers that you can see through. It can’t be used for covering unwanted spots.
  • Solvent: water
  • Wash tools with water

Casein paint mixture
1l water
1dl caseinpowder
1tl Borax
1dl linseedoil or soybean oil


  • One of the oldest paint types
  • Forms a very tough layer after it dries.
  • Drying can take from 3 days up to 3 weeks.
  • When used on a glass surface, it forms a very beautiful glossy finish that shows colors well.
  • Solvent: Water
  • Usage: Originally used for painting glass icons, also suitable for furniture
  • Must be kept in the fridge. The paint remains usable for about a week.

Eggtempurapaint mix
1 part egg yolk
1 part linseed oil, soybean oil or standoill (thickend linseed oil)
1-2 parts water

Take as fresh egg as possible and break it in a glass jar with a lid by shaking it carefully. Add linseedoil the same amount as the egg. Shake. Add 1-2 parts room temperature water. Shake carefully. The emulsion doesn’t happen if you use a different mixing order.You can add wanted pigments to the emulsion with pigmentpowder.

Glue paint

  • Chalk powder(calcium carbonate), skin glue (for example. rabbit skins, bones and cartilage) and water based paint.
  • Usually white but can be toned with using pigments.
  • Dries fas, quite hard to spread.
  • Wash tools with water and soap
  • Usage: Mostly for restoration work and in decorative painting.

Gluepaint is commonly used for painting indoor ceilings and also furnitures like chests and cabinets indoor parts. Only the insides were painted with this paint. Decorative paint was used on top of it. That way the glue paint acts as a base color for the furniture.

Even anchient Egyptians are known for using the glue paint: They covered their wooden chests, chairs and sarcophaguses with a thin layer of glue paint to make it look silky smooth. The paint was covered with pigments or golden leafs. A good gluepaintis shiny as an egg and hard as ivory.

Glue paint mix
1l water
125g rabbitglue powder

Heat the water to 40 °C, boil slowly until the gluepowder is dissolved. Water must not boil. This is a so called 12% mix that can be used as a glue for new wooden surfaces. When fixing old furniture the mix should be a 5% mix so that the edges of the fix won’t be too rough and end up breaking the furniture. You can add a desired amount of chalk powder to the mix and add colors by using color pigments, Glue or gluepaint should be used straight from the boiler since it hardens once it cools. It dries fast so it requires quick work. The left over glue can be stored in the fridge for about a week. It is easy to heat up for new usage.