Protected natural habitats

In Finland, the aim of the Nature Conservation Act (1997) is to preserve the diversity of nature in Finland, by ensuring that the favourable conservation status of different natural habitat types and native species is maintained or restored. Habitats are areas distinguishable from their surroundings as they have certain type of environmental conditions, flora and fauna. The soil, rock foundation, water conditions, microclimate and often also peoples’ act affect to the developing of a natural habitat.

The natural habitats listed in the Nature Conservation Act are:

  • broad-leaved woods
  • hazel woods
  • black alder swamps
  • sandy shores
  • coastal meadows
  • dunes
  • juniper meadows
  • wooded meadows and
  • large trees in open landscapes.

These habitats are scarce, and often small-scale, but nevertheless valuable in terms of their biodiversity or their landscape value.

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