Wood products

Wood industry processes wood in different ways to make it suitable for different uses. By processing wood, the best qualities of wood can be brought and therefore made more efficient.  This also minimizes the bad qualities of the wood.

  • Boards can be made with a gluing technique where long pieces of thin wood are glued together. With this method, boards can be made in all shapes and sizes.
  • The strength hand the quality of the wood improves by removing bad parts like branches and crooks.
  • The bad parts can be added inside the boards, this is a efficient way of using the wood; Bad parts become strength for the board.
  • Wear resistance is improved by coating the board or adding a finish on the board. This improves weather sealing.
  • Rotting and insect infestation can be prevented by pressurising the wood.
  • Wood can be processed to withstand fire.
  • Temperature processed improve weather sealing, can be used for toning and cooring and also to minimize the size differences that come from moisture. Wood can also be modified with a plastic, oil or chemical treatments.
  • The processing often happens as early as the logging stage where the wood is cut in a certain way. This affects the looks of the wood. A tree with no branches can be made to look good for quality demanding situations. The toughest sawed woods are chosen for the most demanding jobs.

Trees collect carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide stays in the wood for tens of years after the wood is processed. The wood is normally burnable in the end. When the carbon dioxide is released it creates energy