Felling can be done either as logger labour or with felling machines. Already 90 % of wood is harvested mechanically in Finland.

The so-called wood grade method, in which the trees are already delimbed and cut into the desired sizes on the felling location (before the forest haulage), is used in Finland. Regardless of how the felling is done, the forest haulage is done mechanically.

The way the wood is logged has a large effect on its quality and later use. Mechanical logging should be done during the rest period of the trees. If logging is done outside the rest period, it is advisable to do it as manual labour.

Traditional felling tools

Axes have been used to fell and delimb trees until the end of the 19th century.

Crosscut saws for logs are a two-man saws, which were used to fell and cut sturdy trees.

Frame handsaws had a curved branch, on which the saw blade was attached to.

Chain saws became common after the Second World War. The power source of chain saws has usually been combustion engines and later on also electric motors.

Barking spuds are curved blades, which were used for debarking short blocks.