Measuring logs

Measuring blocks is a method for defining the volume of wood blocks one by one. Different measuring methods include measuring in short pieces, from the middle of a piece or from the treetop.


Cross-section is measured on the bark, either from the top or from the middle of the log. Top measuring is done 3 cm maximum from the top of the log. If the log differs a lot from a round shaped log, it van be measured crosswise. In this case the average of the crosswise measurement becomes the diameter.

The length of a log

The length of a log is measured between the shortest cut-off points. The length of pine, spruce and birch logs is measured with a spacing of 3 dm (30 cm). The permissible deviation is –3 cm. The length of other tree species is measured with the accuracy of 1 dm (10 cm), in which case the permissible deviation is +3 cm. If a log is shorter than the specified size, it belongs to the previous 1 dm category.