Hazel woods

There grows at least 20 bushes per a hectare in hazel woods. The bushes are biggish: at least 2 metres high and wide. The hazel must grow as a group or as many groups close to each other in a coherent area. There are deciduous trees or conifer trees or both in the area.

The wild hazel woods are situated only in the Southern Finland. They grow in a luxuriant and rich or dry soil.

In hazel woods one may…

  • remove overshadowing trees because the hazel flowers and grows nuts only if it gets enough light.
  • Everyone is allowed to walk in hazel woods, pick up wild berries and unprotected mushroom and flowers. One must stay on the paths to avoid stamping on undergrowth.

In hazel woods one may not…

  • coppice, on the contrary, the old trunks must be left to decay.
  • One may not cultivate the soil, use chemicals, plant spruce or make ditches.
  • It is not allowed to build anything in a protected natural habitat.